Exclusive Interview With Top Model Queen Eniola Christabel with Olofofo Naija.

In an exclusive interview with Olofofo Naija, Queen Eniola opens up about her modelling journey, her dreams and dishes about what’s next for her. Let’s get right into it.

Q: Tell Us A Bit About Yourself.
A model, a student & beautician I was born December 17 in the 19s, the first child of a nuclear family of 3 to Mr & Mrs Folaseye Amuzat. I am from Oyo State, a native of Ibadan, Lalupon to be precise. I attended seed of life Nur & Pry school, Ibadan Oyo state, Regina mundi girls only secondary school, Iwo osun state for my junior classes,  then completed my senior classes at All souls high school, Ibadan Oyo state and studied  mass communication in The polytechnic Ibadan, Eruwa, Oyo state.
I derive joy in photo shoots, gisting,  meeting new faces and make ups. I like honesty, humility, trustworthiness ,so much hate lies, disappointment & deceit.

Q: How And When Were You Discovered?
I started modelling in 2010, because of my huge passion and love of being in front of the camera. When I checked out the criteria and vision of pageantry, i fit in because I got poise, charisma, boldness,attitude,  carriage and courage. It was just all about brain & beauty.

Q: Tell Us About Your Rise In The Modelling Industry? What Has Your Journey Been Like?
Ever since I was a child, I always wanted to own a crown. So anytime during inter-house sport, I’ll do my possible best to be the Queen of my house.As I grew my lepa body didn’t increase in size. Course mates do tell me to go for any beauty contest going on in the school, even some drops my name or get me form just to represent the faculty and department.
Participating in school’s contest was fun, I won for my department. Then I developed interest to go more in pageantry.I did some internet research to know more especially the qualities and requirements, which I fitted in perfectly.
Then I began training for catwalks and did show photoshoot.The journey has not easy as it looks and has change alot of things about me. It is a lot of fun, but it can be tiring especially when you are just coming up (because you are not that recognized).

Q: Going By Your Portfolio, You’re One Of The Boldest Nigerian Models. You Are Not Afraid To Take Daring Photos Considering Our Conservative Society. What Inspired This Boldness?
As a model you are building a brand that must grow with you, and your support system.I just want to be outstanding, positioned and branded.
You project your brand which is your personality and character by which you will be known and remembered for the rest of your life and career.

Q: What Are The Greatest Challenges You Currently Face As A Model?
I faced lots of challenges with agencies but with God all was possible. My Parents ; my Mum was supportive to an extent because of the issue of Esther been crowned as Queen in the bible, she believed its was also a form of pageantry. My Dad was really against it because of the ‘Sleep with me syndrome’ common in beauty pageant in Nigeria. To be sincere it wasn’t easy with Dad but still my Mum helped a lot in convincing him.
I had the issues of fake agencies it almost killed my vision and dream of becoming a beauty Queen and model. 

Q: What Does It Take To Be A Model In Nigeria. Is It Difficult?
Hmmm…It is not but our country isn’t encouraging that much.Fake agencies are so rampant, where they pimp their girls. This scares talented models and parents support away believing models are prostitutes.

Q: Is There A Particular Standard Models Are Expected To Maintain?
No.Different agencies with their motives of promoting what they do.Models don’t majorly have to be slim, we’ve got plus size too.

Q: Your Rewards So Far?
1) Facial model for different makeup artists.2)  Series photoshoots with Photographers and stylists.3) Campus queen of the year 20134) Miss traditional 20145) Top 15 at Miss Charismatic Nigeria 20156) Top 5 at Miss Oyo state 20157) Face Of Fashion Africa Culture 20168) Student choice model of the year [ANUCA Award 2017)

Q: Is There Anything You Wish Was Different About The Nigerian Modelling Industry?
Runner ups are mostly not always given consolation prizes and sometimes not pushed. The main queen is their priority and that is really not nice because runner ups could work and flaunt their title better. I will love to see that change!

Q: What Do You Do When You’re Not Busy Modelling?
Makeover. I can transform any face to look exceptionally

Q: So Where Do You See Yourself In 5 Years?
It is not ambitious to dream of being the global ambassador for big brands because it is the desire of God that one should lead beyond their immediate territory.
With the help of God, I intend to have grown to the international level and conquer on the world stage. 
Own a beauty school where i can train, manage aspiring models & beauticians.Being pageants preliminary judge and stylist (rent out costumes).

Q: Your Advice To Young Models?
To every flawless and beautiful aspiring model; Just be focus, ready to learn, never get intimidated, be prayerful and above all, please get your parent support.
Q: Do You Have A Boyfriend ?
No. But if anyone who likes me can DM 😉

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