“I hate seeing make-up blunders on faces of ladies you would expect to wear flawless make-up- Queen Eniola Christabel, Ex-Beauty Queen, Model cum Make-Up Artist

There are  some make-up blunders that  put Queen Eniola Christabel off. And you wouldn’t  blame her for reacting that way because she is a professional Make-Up Artist,  a model, a young politician who loves mixing up with well dressed/ elegant socialites and she is of course The Face Of Western Nigeria Convener.Eniola  can’t stand shabbily applied make-up. “I hate to see make-up blunders on the faces of ladies you would ordinarily  expect to wear flawless make-up. When I see  eyebrows that are not well drawn or  eyelashes that are not properly fixed. I get pissed off. Its better you don’t wear make-up at all, than making a mess of it. I often see ladies wearing wrong colours of foundation or even when they get the right colour, it is heavily applied. Remember that make-up is an enhancer. Meaning that it shouldn’t be heavily worn. Then wearing wrong colour of  bronzer is another blunder that I can’t stand,” she says, as a matter of fact.

Aside from make-up blunders, Eniola enjoys make-up artistry and she never hesitates to  compliment those who wear their make-up the right way. Little wonder she enjoys her job as a make-up artist. Guess what thrills her most about her profession? “What thrills me most is making my clients look stunning. That honestly makes my day, when I see that  my clients look exceptionally beautiful, I’m done. I have been so thrilled to the extent of thinking out of the box; like impacting my skill to other people (training). I also love seeing my branded make-up products and I aspire  owning  a beauty empire someday,” she giggles.
What else makes her happy in life? “Well, I love fashion. I started modelling early in life due to my huge passion for fashion and my desire to be  in front of the camera. I’m charismatic, bold and courageous. I love to see beautiful things. I enjoy the vibes of me always expressing my skills. And of course being independent. I derive joy in photo shoots, humanitarian services, telling stories,  meeting new faces and applying make-up on clients. I like honesty, humility, trustworthiness. But I so much hate lies, disappointment and  deceit.”
Queen Eniola Christabel is one beauty queen who has won so many beauty pageants and awards. “I’m Miss Ascom in 2013, Top 10 in  Miss Charismatic Nigeria 2015, Top 5 in Miss Oyo State 2015, Face Of Fashion Africa Culture 2016, ANUCA Awards; Campus Choice Student Model Of The Year 2017, Cover Page Of Travel-scope Magazine, Africa Icon Awards; Most Famous Queen of The Year 2017, 2017 Brand Face For Luxe And Elan, Miss Ideal Nigeria ECOWAS 2017, ENYA Awards, Humanitarian Queen Of The Year 2018,  House Of Twitch Humanitarian Queen Of The Year 2018, The Polytechnic Ibadan, Face Of The Year 2018, ASCOM most social female of the year 2018, House Of Caffery Brand Ambassador and Miss Nysc Edo 2019 (batch B stream 1 ) and I’m still counting,” she says, on a final note

“I’m charismatic, bold and courageous”

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