One On One With 1st Prince Western Nigeria 2020

  1. who is Prince Abdelazeez ?

Prince Abdelazeez is an acronym for Prolific, Reputable, Intelligible, Naturally Committed and Extra-ordinarily, Auspicious, Blessed with Diligent, Explorably Ambitious, Energetic, Zealous, Efficient, Embodiments of Zeal.

2. Why beauty pageantry?

To build a Prolific stepping stone by empowering and lead as a role model to the oncoming young ones.

  1. How many contest did u participate in before winning 1st Prince Western Nigeria 2020? None
  2. what would you say have gave you joy as a pageant king in his early 20s? Maximum Respectfulness, Indisputable Standard, Exposure, Self awareness, Commitment, Confidence and Connections.

5. what are those ills of pageantry that you will want organizers to correct?

More Love & Trust, Strong Support, Pageantry Integrity, and Empowerment.

  1. What is your take on the fact that homosexuality is famous with male beauty show? Totally illegal.
  2. Many young guys look up to you and want to take same route like you. Do you plan to train them? Yeah, Definitely.

8. What Was your project as a pageant king and how far have you gone?

Training on how to make unisex Bespoke Design. Too bad. I haven’t really executed it.

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