One on one with Adekanmbi Kehinde

  1. Who is Adekanmbi Kehinde?
    Adekanmbi kehinde is a model I do commercial modeling and a 300level student of federal cooperative college, studying Economics and management and also a hairstylist& a makeup artist
  1. What motivate you to become a model?
    What I love most and really motivate me about modeling is the freedom of expression. The fact that I can be myself in front of the camera without any limitations keeps me loving it and coming back for more
  2. You were Queen Western Nigeria 2020. Tell us what it is like to hold that position?
    It has been a very huge task but with the help of God and my team members I have always put in my best to represent FACE OF WESTERN NIGERIA so well in giving back to any Environment I find myself
  3. How were you able to manage the position of pageant and school?
    Firstly,They have really helped each other. Why I say that is because pageant has given me alot of confidence,high self esteem and exposure which is needed in school, while school on the other hand educates me on how to use my vocabulary very well while been asked to give a speech.
    Secondly, How I managed them both, I don’t mix-up work with play, when it’s time for schooling I do my thing and I am off, weekends and after class I do modeling because good grades also matters.
  4. How as being a beauty queen affected your life?
    Firstly, it helps me build my self esteem before being a beauty queen I had a very low self-esteem and also had to cope with shyness but now come rain come shine I face what ever comes my way.
  1. Talking about gender inequality in Nigeria as women are considered subordinate to their male counterparts, what’s your take?
    Gender inequality in Nigeria is influenced by different cultures and beliefs. In most parts of Nigeria, women are considered subordinate to their male counterparts, especially in Northern Nigeriaand other sectors including the Nigeria music industry. It is generally believed that women are best suited as home keepers which i don’t support what a man can do a woman can do better. After all Women are presidents, Prime Ministers of Countries and they are handling/handled it well

7.What Was your project as a beauty queen and how far have you gone with?
My project been a beauty queen was only to give back to the society in skill acquisition, so I thought since I could do makeup why can’t I help young youth out there achieve there dreams so I had a free make up training which lasted for a week for them to know the basic skills of make-up and God made it possible it went well

  1. What advice would you give to an aspiring beauty queens ?
    My advice to an aspiring beauty queen is where ever you find yourself remember your integrity matters and also your society, at least put a smile on someone’s face and represent your brand well

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