one on one with Olowu Oluwagbenga

  1. Who is Olowu Oluwagbenga?
    Oluwagbenga is growing young man with his arms wide open, accepting any opportunity, overcoming obstacles, scaling through challenges in his process of growth.
  2. What motivate you to become a model?
    I’ve always wanted to be on the Frontline in this very wide world of fashion so I felt being a model is the right choice.
  3. You were King Western Nigeria 2020. Tell us what it is like to hold that position?
    To be honest, it was kind of overwhelming at first, but then I realized it was about the crown or the title, it all narrows down to who you are. I basically just being ‘Me’ all through.
  4. How were you able to manage the position of pageant and school?
    I made sure I wasn’t way in over my head, so I found a way to balance it and manage my time and actions properly.
  5. How as being a pageant king affected your life?
    Well, being King isn’t a shoulder raising thing, so I kept on being humble and doing what I do best, ‘Me’
  6. Talking about gender inequality in Nigeria as male are considered subordinate to their female counterparts, what’s your take?
    To me, I believe there shouldn’t be segregation with gender, afterall life is made of Male and Female for a reason.

7.What Was your project as a pageant king and how far have you gone with?
I planned on curating a photography class. The project is very much underway.

  1. What advice would you give to an aspiring pageant King?
    Don’t let being King get to you, there was one before you, there’ll be another after.

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