One on one with Salawu wahab

  1. Who is Salawu Wahab?

Salawu Wahab is an Athlete, a model, and also a beauty king who is Intelligent Ambitious and Optimistic.

2. What inspired you to go into beauty pageantry?

I was inspired ever since my childhood while watching beauty contest on Tv and in movies and since then I have had it in mind of been a Beauty King.

3. When did you first contest as a pageant king and what was the outcome?

2020 and it came out successfully as I emerged as a winner.

4. How did you come about your present crown as the 2nd prince western Nigeria 2020?

The title 2nd prince FWN 2020 was all by the grace of God and also by support.

  1. What Was your project as a pageant king and how far have you gone with?

My pet project is based on a Food drive and Visit to children hospital and I haven’t been able to do any of them but I know by that I’ll make that done in soonest time.

6 .Where do U see yourself in five years?

I see myself having the best Fashion and Modeling experience.

7. Advise to those looking up to you.

Well I’ll say the sky is the starting point, work harder, pray and make sure you really know who YOU aspiring TO BE

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