One On One With Siyanbola Tife

1.who is Siyanbola Tife ?

2.Why beauty pageantry?

3. How many contests did u participate in before winning 1st Princess Western Nigeria 2020?

4. what would you say has given you joy as a beauty queen in her early 20s?

5. what are those ills of pageantry that you will want organizers to correct?

6. What is your take on the fact that sexual harassment is famous with female beauty show?

7. Many young girls look up to you and want to take the same route as you. Do you plan to train them?


1 Siyanbola Tife is a beauty queen, a model, and a woman of integrity

2 passion: have always loved fashion…

3 have participated in one beauty pageant and I emerged as the TOP MODEL

4 I would be lying if I said pageantry didn’t do anything for me! Because pageantry literally changed who I am, my vision, and everything I once was. It taught me so much about myself, and I learned so much about other key things in life from poise, grace, proper communication, building self-confidence, networking, and much more! I would never take back any of the competitions I’ve ever competed in. I’m grateful for each and every experience I’ve encountered. Although I may not have won every single one, I walked away with much more than a crown and title…

5 By getting more promotional jobs and endorsements for their winners, by engaging them in a lot of beauty pageants activities.

6 We have to own up to the fact that women, since time immemorial, have gone out of their way to make themselves attractive. And unfortunately, it has backfired on us—and this is where we are today, We must sometimes take blame, women. I really do think that. Although it’s awful to say we can’t make ourselves look as attractive as possible without being knocked down and harassed.By saying “women, since time immemorial, have gone out of their way to make themselves attractive. And unfortunately, it has backfired on us,” It implies that beauty can, and in some cases should be punishable. And that harassment is a reasonable punishment. Let’s be clear: Sexual assault is a crime. In no circumstance will sexual harassment or assault ever be a justifiable, or acceptable punishment for anything—especially not as a penalty for the way someone dresses, applies their makeup, or wears their hair. As we continue to have these pertinent discussions about sexual harassment and assault, it is important that we focus on the power dynamics that forge and often sustain these abuses. This particular violation occurs when one individual observes, acknowledges, and abuses the power they have over another individual. Age, class, professional standing, race, or communal respect are examples of the power relationships that have created conditions for abuse to occur.

7 of cause, I’m ready to train them, As a photographer and beauty queen, I’m planning on having an agency for young girls outside that are ready and so passionate to become a beauty KING & QUEEN.

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